Okay here are some pictures of our house. The kitchen was our biggest project.


New House 012a New House 011a


New House 103a New House 105a Pantryb New House 119

There are still some cabinet doors missing, awaiting their blue paint, but it is very functional and alot nicer. And yes, I now have more than 18 inches of counter space. Wahoo!!!!!


Okay- I did it. I caved in to the temptation of Xanga. Actually, I am doing this for Les and his family so that we can keep him up to date on our family. I think this will be much easier then emailing pictures and such. So, this is the first entry.

Titus 042a

See what started this endeavor was a most amazing thought I had the other day. This little man, Titus Mordecai, is now five months old. And very precious to us. But the most amazing thing is that he was born exactly 3 years after Lowell and I started dating. God is so good to confirm his plans for us, what better way then to have your baby born on the exact day you began dating. And actually we went to the hospital about the time he actually asked me. How cool is that.