Okay here are some pictures of our house. The kitchen was our biggest project.


New House 012a New House 011a


New House 103a New House 105a Pantryb New House 119

There are still some cabinet doors missing, awaiting their blue paint, but it is very functional and alot nicer. And yes, I now have more than 18 inches of counter space. Wahoo!!!!!


6 thoughts on “

  1. camerawoman says:

    My mom loves your kitchen (she doesn’t have xanga, but loves to surf it to see what is up) I am still thinking that we should have a girl date. Maybe over Brittanie’s spring break?!? Let me know what works best for you. Catch Ya later, Rachel

  2. Blondie1485 says:

    hey ~ welcome to the xanga world!!!!! that is great pictures of the house… you will have to have a party sometime!!!!! well i hope that you have a super ~ great day!!!! TTYL~

  3. Danigirl_416 says:

    horray!!! it will be nice to see what it looks like when it is finished!! 🙂 fun times painting primer with you… cya!

  4. cerwindoris says:

    I’m glad to see that you are on Xanga!

  5. sbshank says:

    Hey Lisa! Welcome to Xanga! Your kitchen looks good. Makes me yearn for my own nice kitchen someday! And need I say how utterly adorable Titus is on your last post? So cute!!

  6. BeRnt_iCe says:

    awesome pix! and free stuff is good!!!!! :O) let me know how it goes!

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