Okay Daniel-

So I guess this means I need to share 7 silly things about me!?!?!


1-I love everything about cows (both beef and dairy), my favorite is grooming them and taking them for walks though.

2- My family nickname is GRACE. See I am anything but and it usually shows. (ie-wakling into poles, falling down steps, tripping over carpet, etc.)

3- I say Crick instead of Creek.

4- I say Wooder instead of Water.

5-I have ocassional moments where I just need to do something completely random, like bolt outside swing on the swings for a mintue then come in and act like I did nothing out of the ordinary.

6-I don’t name my cars.

7-I love to name animals, naming babies is definately harder.

So this means I get to tag people, Yeah, I tag Godisdoingsomething, Bernt_ice, pert1plus, madquackersmoo, and CKM_1985.   



2 thoughts on “

  1. BeRnt_iCe says:

    aaahhh…i’ve been tagged!

  2. Danigirl_416 says:

    haha, i got you… 😉 -Daniel

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