To answer Theda’s what happens to the white when the snow melts.

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This is the veiw from my front porch. The first is our neighbors picnic bench. The water is parrell to our swingset in our neighbors yard. But our road is closed, due to rushing water on both sides of the bridge. The sound outside is awesome, the power and force of the water almost sounds like we live next to a highway. Makes me wonder about how the kids faired getting to school this morning. I just have to marvel at God’s amazing creation, water can be a good think most of the time (like fire) but occasionally it becomes a bad thing. Though call me weird I don’t think this is bad I actually think it’s beautiful. (ask me that when I see how much our yard need to be cleaned up!)


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  1. jrtjs1950 says:

    Hi Lisa and Lowell! I just found your site from Lowell’s mom’s. I’ve just read all of your posts and really enjoyed all the pictures of Titus and your new house. I pass by your house twice every day on my way to and from school. Except yesterday. When I got there they had the barricade up, and I had to turn around. I agree with you – I love to see flood water. But then, I have always observed it from a safe distance. Do you know – has the flood water ever reached your house? I hope it never gets that high.Jean Stauffer

  2. jubers786 says:

    oy!  where is it thawing so badly?  send some spring to me in the mountains of wyoming!   your son is so cute!  i am recently married, and can’t wait for the blessing of children!  God bless, and have a great day!  ~julia

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