If any of you are interested in an awesome month long mission trip read on.



To leave an impact and make a difference.

Roll 3 (4)a

To fellowship with those who depend on God for all they have.

Nigeria Workcamp (55)a

To experience God’s awesome creation outside of the US.

Nigeria Workcamp (19)a

To savor food that is traditional and good.

File0001 (2)a

If I peeked your interest please contact Myself, Danigirl_416, or JoChrisStoner for more information. There is also some more information hanging in White Oak C.O.B.’s fellowshiphall.




8 thoughts on “If any of you are interested in an awesome month long mission trip read on.

  1. Danigirl_416 says:

    Horray I can’t wait to go to Nigeria!!!! (I’m counting down!!! ) Horray!!! -Danigirl_416

  2. Blondie1485 says:

    wow` that would be awesome!!!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Cool Pictures.  Is that Rebecca Bucher with you?

  4. BeRnt_iCe says:

    that might not be close enough, but i’ll talk to darin about it!

  5. when’s the trip??? and hello, by the way!! cute little son, you have!

  6. BeRnt_iCe says:

    we’ll be there!!! should i bring anything?? thanks so much for the invitation!!!! :O) it’s the young married class, right?

  7. GodsDucks says:

    Yep. Bring Yourselves.
    Also for those asking about Nigeria, it is june 4-july 2 and $2,200. if you need more info. please ask.

  8. BeRnt_iCe says:

    thanks so much! the entire young married class is doing such a super awesome job at making us feel welcome, and we’re not even in the class yet!!!! :O) i was a lil scared to go into the class, but now, after how much we’ve done things with them, i’m really excited!!!!! I’m so pumped to get into that class!!! :O)

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