Congratulations to Lance & Melanie Bittner. 4/21/07

Lance's Wedding 003aLance's Wedding 007a Lance's Wedding 009a Lance's Wedding 010a Lance's Wedding 011a

Also, I am enjoying watching God’s magnificent creation unfold.

This is the hen (mallard) and her nest. She has chosen our flower bed to nest. There should be ducklings hatching sometime in the next 2 weeks.

Ducks 003aDucks 005a

And last but not least. Some Titus pictures..

Does he have a better future as an air traffic controller or a paddington bear look-a-like???

Titus April (3)a Titus April (1)a


11 thoughts on “

  1. camerawoman says:

    I think that he should split his career between radio control and paddington:wink-wink::dancingcow: Have a SUPER AWESOME week, Rachel

  2. Well, I think he is a cuddly, loveable air traffic controller (at work!) and a cuddly loveable Paddington (off the job!) doing what he does best.  Love him:love:

  3. psh. I took your accent test. Whaddaya know… I’ve got a Philly accent! Weird. Cute pics BTW. 🙂 Have a super one! Love ya, KT

  4. Blondie1485 says:

    wow great pictures!!!! It  was fun holding titus at the ballgame last night…. what a happy baby!!!!:big-smile:

  5. Danigirl_416 says:

    hmmm….I’m thinking Paddington Bear….Paddington is far cooler, and much more adorable. hahaha, hey thanks for talking with me the other day….and last week….and I think the week before too huh? It’s always nice to talk to “older” ppl about “younger” ppl stuff. (hint* hint*  your old  hint* hint*  lol, j/l) anyhow, love ya sis. :frog:

  6. Anonymous says:

    I think he has a great future as the Paddington Bear Pilot.  The original Paddington Bear is boring, but not Titus because he’s “The Paddington Bear Pilot”. :ROTFL:

  7. tigergal01 says:

    you have a mallard, too?  well, we don’t at this house, but we did at our 1st house!   she snuck off with her little ones while we were at church one am….now we’ll know what you’re doing if you miss services one of these next sundays!:wink-wink:

  8. farmboylevi says:

    it should be working on your site right now. I’m thinking you just type in your comment, and when you hit submit it should take you to another page and have you type a name in.

  9. CKM_1985 says:

    wow  … Titus is so adorable ! He is gettin so BIG . The cake is really unique & fun . It would B kinda fun 2 try one like that ! Hope you are havin a Super Awesome week . ~ Charlene

  10. BeRnt_iCe says:

    i like their wedding colors!

  11. Name MaMa says:

    :love: It’s wonderful to see our Titus grow, even if it’s in pictures ! Titus seems Mighty happy with the career choices you’re introduced him to!  Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!!

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