I dunno….

I am feeling like it is time for an update but what to write?!?!?!

Well, Tuesday was busy with a trip to philly to get the dreaded cast off, only to go into an air cast (at least I can take this one off) . Then home again for a delayed anniversay date. We discovered the really cool Thia resteraunt in Mountville. Super Awesome Food. Now my new favorite place to eat. (THANKS A HEAP VAL FOR WATCHING OUR LITTLE MAN) 

Then tonight is shopping for the mountains, a wedding, and bible school…..*sigh*

Then this weekend we are heading off to a wedding in State College. Two members of the 2001-2002 FFA State Officer team are finally getting married. YEAH. Then from State college to the cabin, for a family packed weekend with the Hershey Fam. (possibly 21 people in all, give or take a few).

Then home again, to prepare for the Ebersole Cabin next weekend. *ugh* I though vacations were suppose to be relaxing…..

Anyways….Titus is officially nine months old, crawling and now pulling himself up on things. His two teeth have not been joined by their ever bothersome friends yet. (sigh) He is continuing to grow and develope, much to mommy and daddy’s delight. His giggle is incredibly contagious and his smile still winsome. Hopefully #2 will have his charming characteristics.

Welp, sorry no pictures this time….…hopefully after a fun filled weekend, I’ll have a bunch….Until then…remember to look for God in all your doing….


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