Hershey Vacation 07

For Lowell and I our vacation started early Saturday morning. We headed to a wedding in State College, for two members of my State FFA Officer team. Here’s their awesome cake. (I didn’t get any pictures of the couple )

Hershey vacation 001a 

Then onto Sparky’s Place….and some cousin time….daddy time….family worship…. and a BEAR….

Hershey vacation 002a Hershey vacation 007a Hershey vacation 021a Hershey vacation 016a Hershey vacation 032a Hershey vacation 042a

As with all family vacations, it wasn’t quite the time to catch up on sleep, but it was time to enjoy some fun, fellowship and the awesomeness of God’s creation.


6 thoughts on “Hershey Vacation 07

  1. Danigirl_416 says:

    tehehe, it was super fun feeding bears with you at midnight this weekend…perhaps we can do it again together again soon, lol. :frog:

  2. tigergal01 says:

    found out we’re going to be in the same area this weekend….just wanted to warn you so you don’t send the black bear over!  yikes…hopefully there was some house between you and him! :so-cool:

  3. camerawoman says:

    Black bears:what:?!?!?!? Sounds like fun

  4. Blondie1485 says:

    wow~ looks like a fun and relaxing weekend!!!!:frog:

  5. Great weekend!  Another one coming up! 

  6. davenleah says:

    Hey, I love the angle of the ‘daddy time’ pic – it adds a cool touch to it!  Maybe you should consider going into photography! 🙂  Looks like a fun wknd!

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