Ebersole Vacation ’07

Well, Saturday morning started the vaction for most of the family. And by noon the fun began, when dear Lily (Rose and Darrel’s dog) jumped into the marsh and came out a little dirty.

Ebersole Vacation 001a

Then after lunch us mom’s enjoyed a walk while everyone else rode bike. (Rosanna’s tire popped so she joined us.) After the walk it was time for some popsicles and bubbles…

Ebersole Vacation 018a Ebersole Vacation 020a

The children were still hot so, what better way to remedy that, then a water balloon fight. Titus even got to enjoy the fun.

Ebersole Vacation 027a Ebersole Vacation 031a

Then Sunday evening before we parted ways Monday morning, we drove up to the PA Grand Canyon. (Nothing like the real thing but still a good picture of God’s creation.)

Ebersole Vacation 069a Ebersole Vacation 074a

And my most favorite picture of the weekend….

Ebersole Vacation 078a


5 thoughts on “Ebersole Vacation ’07

  1. Blondie1485 says:

    hey dear~ looks like you are havin some great weekends at the cabin!!!:celebrate: i hope that  it is relaxing!!!! well i hope that you have a happy 4th of july!!!!! ttyl~

  2. :love:good memories of good times!  Love you.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Looks like you all had fun. :dancingcow:

  4. ebersoles says:

    Great pics!! Thanks for sharing. That’ll be fine to join you all next year!

  5. jubers786 says:

    how cute are all those pics!  looks like you had fun!   my pictures were taken just outside of the grand teton national park, about 2 hrs from my home.  my husbands family runs a christian camp there every summer… free too!  free whitewater rafting on the snake river, scenic float trips, beautiful hikes and fourwheeling, horseback riding!  the list goes on, but best of all wonderful fellowship with other believers and great meetings morning and evening!  we have a camp website, although i dont know how up to date it is!   http://www.brightandmorningstarcamp.com

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