Summer Fun, Friends, & Cousins…

Saturday we took Titus and my nephew Timmy for a walk to see the neighborhood farms. Titus got introduced to this very friendly and lovable donkey…

Titus 064a

Monday evening was time to experience the sandbox for the first time…He loved it…

Titus 073a

Tuesday night was our turn to babysit for our friends…They had a blast playing outside together…They were all well behaved and incredibly cute.

Titus 097a

Then yesterday we went to the pool again…perfect weather…Titus got braver and was walking around in a inner tube that had a seat in it… (not pictured)…he also enjoyed playing with the noodles and his cousins.

Titus 104a

And for those who don’t know this is what Refreshing Mountain’s wading pool looks like. Rosana and Isaiah are in the middle playing and Rhoda, Titus and I are in the corner…It is the perfect pool for children…I see more trips as our family gets bingger.

Titus 107a


4 thoughts on “Summer Fun, Friends, & Cousins…

  1. CKM_1985 says:

    I mailed it mon. … so u should get it soon ! Looks like u r havin 2 much fun ! Thanks 4 your prayers ! its little scary not knowing anyone …& sad leavin everyone ! :so-sad:

  2. RoseKay says:

    :dancingcow: RYC: I totally agree that God’s hugs are the best. Since you like cows too, you can understand my excitement.:dancingcow:

  3. davenleah says:

    I just love summer…that water makes me want to jump right in!  Great pics!

  4. Danigirl_416 says:

    looks like Titus is a busy little guy… very fun. :celebrate:

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