Nursery Project 1

So we finally decided Titus’ room was too dark and that it should be brightened up before Baby #2 arrives.

Don’t you agree…

Nurserya Nursery (2)a

So…Saturday was spent putting Kilz over that dark paneling….huge difference already, huh?

Nursery (12)a Nursery (13)a

And here are the two colors we picked to do the room in and the border…whatcha think???

(Ignore the blue striped paper…we aren’t using that… )

Nursery (5)a


8 thoughts on “Nursery Project 1

  1. Danigirl_416 says:

    very cool, very cool!  :so-cool:  nice colors!  …hehe, remember that boy David that I brought to church a few sundays ago?? yeah. we’re courting. :blushing: you’ll prolly get to meet him very soon as he wants to meet like, all of my family. I’m trying to convince him to come to the copi dinner on Sunday so that he can meet everyone, but he’s not a fan of waterslides…perhaps I can convince him it can be fun even  if we don’t go on the waterslide.

  2. tigergal01 says:

    memories….we had panelling in 98% of our house in AL and yup…we did just that…painted it!!!  makes such a huge difference in making things bright and cheery!:dancingcow:  have fun!

  3. Blondie1485 says:

    that seems like it will be a fun room to play in!!!!!:dancingcow:

  4. camerawoman says:

    Awwweee how cute!!!

  5. fromthecity says:

    You have such a great eye for color, what a difference! Such a happy room to wake up in, and go to sleep in! :sleepy:  Can’t wait to see it! 

  6. tigergal01 says:

    wow…that’s right, you did suggest that!!!  right now i think we’ll take a raincheck since we’re doing the singing practices and that’s once a week up until the program sept 23…then it’s into retreat!!!  our next activity is youth night in nov…not sure what that committee will have in mind yet.  would love to take advantage of your space though!:wink-wink:

  7. Very cute. 🙂 I like those colors much better than the former… 🙂

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