Nursery Project 3

Well, Thursday night we put the first coat of blue on and I touched up the unreachable spots (by roller that is) with orange. We also thought we would try painting the trim to match the wall…. well…

Nursery 007a Nursery 009a  Nursery 010a

Saturday that orange trim got another coat of Kilz, and baby teal… The color we decided to paint the doors and trim are that of our master bedroom. It looks awesome….

Nursery 013a Nursery 014a

And of course, we needed Titus’ opinion on it (afterall it will be his room (to share) ) The baby teal offsets the bright just enough… I can’t wait to get the boarder up. We still have second coats to do but you get the idea. Next Nursery post should be the last.


5 thoughts on “Nursery Project 3

  1. fromthecity says:

    Good Job!:celebrate:

  2. tigergal01 says:

    you guys are quite the painters!   and to think we’ve been putting off painting our dining room/kitchen for the past yr and a half. :oh-no:

  3. ebersoles says:

    Can’t wait to the end results! It’s always fun to give a room a new look.

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