Lots of Birthdays

So last night was the third birthday celebration for Titus… This was a kind of special one because we also had a cake for Rosie and Lowell. Rosie’s birthday is the same as Titus’ and Lowell’s is today.

Titus 099a

The family project of trying to assemble the new gift for Titus. He really enjoyed it after all that hard work. 🙂

 Titus 104a Titus 105a

Another gift from Grandma and Grandpa. It’s a froggy towel for big kids. 🙂

Titus 108a

And here are the other cakes. Lowell’s was Chocolate with peanut butter icing and Rosie’s was a carrot cake with cream cheese icing.

Misc 115a Misc 116a

And for Uncle Les and his Family here is a picture of cousin Hadassah.

Misc 117a


Happy Birthday

  Well, a year has come and gone.

Titus 007a Titus 015a

WOW!! My baby isn’t much of a baby anymore, he is walking, jabbering, and loving to feed himself. What fun!!! Here are some pictures of his First birthday party down in Philadelphia with my family.

Titus 015aTitus 002a

His own little cake… Before…

Titus 003aTitus 032a

During and After 🙂

Titus 036a Titus 047a

Yesterday was party number two and Nana and Papa’s house (the hershey clan).

This time the cake was a six inch round one.

Titus 074a Titus 080a

And he was enjoying playing with his new wagon…

Titus 087a

I’d like to say that’s it but there is still one party to be had. That is the Ebersole’s. Who know’s maybe more cake? Presents? And lots of other fun…we’ll find out later this week…

Have an awesome God-filled week.



 Nursery 032a First off the answer to my little brainteaser. There are actually only four animals in the red boat plus two fish in front. The reason I decided to post this with that question is because I was trying to figure out what the black animal was suppose to be after we hung it. Well, silly me…what appears to be a black cat or dog is actually the ostriches bodies. So thank you for playing my silly game… 🙂

Next this past weekend our sunday school class headed up to Cove Valley for our sunday school retreat. It was nice there were ten couples up there. Saturday evening was a asian themed dinner by the commitee. It was good. Sorry no pictures. But here are a few pictures of my little man enjoying his weekend with us.

Sunday School Retreat 011aSunday School Retreat 019a Sunday School Retreat 025a And yes, he is walking in this picture. He started walking last tuesday and enjoys the new pespective on life. It is so fun to watch this new stage unfold and mature. 🙂

And for all those of you who think hunting and deer are cool. Here is the buck at the camp, there was a doe and two spring fawns in with him. Yes, he is a ten point.

Sunday School Retreat 002a

Have an awesome God week. Next up Titus turns a year on Saturday…

Nusery Project 4

 Well, the wall paper is up…  Here’s some pictures of how it looks… Let me know whatcha think… 

Nursery 015a Nursery 022a Nursery 023a Nursery 028a Nursery 029a

We still have some touch up painting, furniture to finish referbishing, and dressers to move before it’s ready for Titus and the baby. Also, the closet should be refinished (as it is completely unfinished with horsehair plaster exposed.) so we can hang baby clothes and store shoes and other baby things in there.

Oh and just for fun look at this picture, how many animals do you see in the red boat? Will explain in next post…

Nursery 032a

And last but not least…The greatest garage sale find this year…I can’t wait until Titus feels brave enough to climb around on it…But for now I think his friends will enjoy it greatly

Misc 113a

Family Fun

It’s been a while since we’ve traveled to Philly to visit my side of the family. So..Saturday we headed down and enjoyed our visit (to celebrate my birthday) and to enjoy each other. After supper and clean up we headed down to the park with Timmy, Kyla, and Titus. Plus some big kids.

The playing started off very mild….

Titus 051a

But quickly got spastic…

Titus 052a

And hair raising…

Titus 056a Titus 058a

And a little troublesome….

Titus 060a Titus 068a

I am not sure who had more fun the children or the big kids….I think the see-saw was still in one piece when we left… It was a good time had by all…it just happened to make for some aweomsely, funny family pictures as well…

Have an awesome God Week….