A Reunion….

Well, this weekend was a very special occasion… My husband and a bunch of his friends starting singing together in 1998 (as early as we can recall). After the got started they started singing at other churches, for weddings, and various other occasions, also just for the fun of it…. Well, the last time they sung together was for our wedding (2 years ago)…Three of the eight men are missionaries so that was an awesome feit two years ago to get them all together…

This picture is from our wedding, Everyone looks pretty much the same, Shawn has some facial hair now, and Larry, Jon C., Shawn and Lowell are all fathers but other then that not much else has changed.

the brethrena

Well, the two foreign missionaries were home so in August us wives started planning a reunion for these men. It worked out all except for Brother Mark. His obligation to Fair Play Boys Camp in SC, kept him away but not forgotten, he was missed, but God’s plans are bigger then ours…. So here’s some pictures from this weekend.

This was the cabin we got, in Pine Grove, it was an awesome location and absolutely beautiful…

The Brethren 013a The Brethren 015a

The first night started out with a mouse hunt at 11:30 pm. The guys had a blast and us wives laughed really hard at the comrodery. The next morning was round house ping pong, that was fun to watch, too.

The Brethren 006a The Brethren 009a

The four children kept us mom’s pretty busy. (scary thought though, next time these men will get together the number of children will at the least be doubled…wow)But not busy enough to keep us from a couple hour long Dutch Blitz game, while the men were out playing volleyball and carpet ball…

The Brethren 018a

And of course what’s a weekend away for a singing group without singing. It sounded wonderful, but the high tenor was missed.

 The Brethren 027a The Brethren 042a

May you take time this week to show your friends how much they mean to you and how much the memories you share are cherished. God is an awesome God that moves in ways that surprise us as we look back on the past and anticipate the future.


4 thoughts on “A Reunion….

  1. Danigirl_416 says:

    sounds like it was an awesome weekend!!:so-cool:

  2. Blondie1485 says:

    :so-cool: that great that they could all get together and share each others lives…. thay should sing in church before they  all go away again!!!!! Titus is a cutie it was so cool to see him walking , wow do they grow up fast!!!!! i am sure that keeps you busy at a bee!!!! anyway have a super happy day!!! ttyl~

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think Facial hair is back in style. Maybe I should grow one. :wink-wink:

  4. CKM_1985 says:

    Thanks 4 the pics. Looks like u had a fun weekend ! WOw… that 1 guy is in SC …depends where its pretty close 2 me! U should come down & see him …then u can stop by & see me ! Are u already 4 the new baby …2 months is very far away !

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