the little things…

so there’s nothing like a sleepless night for the whole household to make you aprreciate the little things…

the night before last Titus was up almost all night screaming, so to the doctors we went yesterday to get some answers and hopefully a solution for our sleeplessness. Well, Praise the Lord for awesome doctors, Titus has an ear infection. So after some antibiotics and a small nap in the afternoon (yesterday), he was a peach last night.

It was amazing to see the transformation, he was wanting to play, to eat, he was giggling again and best of all no screaming  What an awesome transition.

Then last night he slept without a peep. Yeah… My dear hubby and I got to share the same bed again and get a good nights sleep in the process. Whoa…I actually got up to make sure Titus was still breathing because he slept that sound. This morning meant no fever and yet again my happy child back.

Wow, the little things we take for granted. I am so gratefully for a healthy, flexible, happy child (even if we have days off).


3 thoughts on “the little things…

  1. Danigirl_416 says:

    yipeeee!!!!:celebrate: strangely enough I remember keeping my mom up when I was little becouse I had an ear infection….ah….the good ol’ days…

  2. Blondie1485 says:

    poor little thing… well i am glad to hear that he is feeling better!!! its not fun being sick!!!!! i am also glad to hear that you can sleep!!! i hope that you have a super great nights~ catchin:sleepy: up on all you missed!!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    #1 is one of my favorites.  Maybe Shannon and Lowell can get together and do that in Honor of me.  Take pictures and tell me about it.  That would be fun.  #2 is cute.

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