So this was my last very packed weekend before baby #2 arrives.

My great aunt was up from West Virginia. This is an occassion that happens only once a year. She has not seen Titus since he was 3 months old, so it was by time we caught up again. This makes her Titus’ great-great aunt. (If your trying to figure out how, she is my grandmother’s sister.) We had a wonderful time visiting and catching up and as always Titus showed off as only he can.

Titus 019a Titus 023a

We then headed back home for a barn party our sunday school was having in the evening. It was great, mountain pies, hot dogs, whoopie pies, apples and caramel, hot cocoa and hot cider. Also what is a barn party without some games and a hay ride, and roasted marshmallows to top it off. It was a super fun night. and to our surprise Titus fell asleep on the wagon ride, I am not sure how though, it was an older John Deere that was run off of propane, it was loud. Anyways….

Titus 026a Titus 028a

Then yesterday afternoon we attended the veiwing for a friend of mine who was killed in a motorcycle accident earlier in the week. It was really sad, he would of turned 20 this spring. There were alot of people there to offer support to the family, which was really nice to see.

Well, I guess that’s it for now. Watch and see what God is doing in your life this week, He may surprise you!!!!


2 thoughts on “A BUSY WEEKEND

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, 29 days left of pregnancy.  Exciting.  You’ll have to teach Lowell how to update so we can see pictures. :wink-wink:  Looks like a fun barn party.

  2. camerawoman says:

    Yeah for baby #2 being almost here!!!! Props to barn parties! I hope you have a SPLENDIFEROUS week, Rachel

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