We have discovered over the past 14 months that the best children’s toys are the unconvetional ones.

Take a belt and daddy’s shoe for instance.

Titus 010a

Or a piece of PVC pipe a little over a foot long. By-the-way this is his absolute favorite.

Titus 016a

Or an empty cardboard box turned into a tunnel. Can we say hours of amusement? 

Titus 033a Titus 034a

Then there are the times mommy gets to have a little fun. My husbands work is getting a sunshine box together for a coworker and we wanted to give her something special from Titus. So, this momma got brave and brought out the poster paints, stripped him down and let him at it. After three beautiful papers, he was ready to be finished.

Titus 036a Titus 042a Titus 045a Titus 050a

The after effects, doesn’t he look sooo cute. A little paint never hurt anyone. Plus, it was great fun to watch.

Titus 059a


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