What’s the fun of having a new little one if you can’t show him off???

For those of you who know me…You know the FFA runs deep in my blood, well, I have to get my children started on such wonderful things, too…

Jairus 067a

Next, let’s highlight big brother’s love for little brother….

Jairus 068a

Then this is our little bundle all ready to go out into the presnow weather…

Jairus 073a

Now onto big brother… Life is never dull with an energetic 14 month old… Note this is his first “shiner”, I am sure not to be his last…It doesn’t look too bad in this picture but…I think it’ll get worse before better…. Note for all those 1-2 year olds don’t run with toys in your hand….:)

Titus 079a

And finally, for a great laugh… here is an action shot… Titus has learned how to dive into a pounce…not seen on this photo is my dear hubby at the other end of the blanket tunnel…he is the object of the diving pounce….

Titus 078a

Enjoy your many little blessings this week….


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