The Little Things…

So yesterday as I was making supper, a gentleman knocked at my door…

“I was driving by and noticed you have a bees nest in your tree. Would I be able to take it? I collect them.”

“Wow. That is fine. What a blessing.”

“I’ll either be back tonight or tomorrow to pick it up.”

Now for those of you who don’t know I am allergic to wasp stings, this nest mentioned above is a hornets nest in our maple tree out front. My dear hubby was waiting for it to get cold enough to try and get it down, as to make sure there is no risk of even finding out how I react to a hornet sting. So you can see why this gentleman coming was such an awesome blessing from God.

Here is the nest….

Wasp Nest 001a Wasp Nest 005a Wasp Nest 006a

I went out this morning as the man was taking the nest down… It was about the size of a basketball…very big for a hornets nest…

Here he is taking it down…

Wasp Nesta

God is so good to take care of us even in the very little things of life…..


9 thoughts on “The Little Things…

  1. Little things are important to HIM!  God is so good! 

  2. Anonymous says:

    Were you hiding behind the house while taking that picture?  I’m happy for you, although it would’ve been fun to see Lowell get up there with his gorilla suit.

  3. Danigirl_416 says:

    Lowell has a gorilla suit!?!?!?! lucky….

  4. Blondie1485 says:

    :birdie:awesome~ glad everyone is safe and happy but the poor bees lost a home……:so-sad:

  5. cerwindoris says:

    I love how God cares for the details of our lives.

  6. HSmomto4 says:

    God truly is wonderful!  And such an imagination He has!  First to create them and then to create someone who actually WANTS them!  He has it all figured out.

  7. RoseKay says:

    I love the pictures on your last post. . . and thanks for reminding me about how much God does care for each detail in our life.

  8. camerawoman says:

    Our God is such an AWESOME God!! Thanks for sharing!!

  9. camerawoman says:

    ps I think Lowell would look good in a gorilla suit:so-cool:

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