Random Mother Musings

There is something about little boys in my family and round objects.

The first is a picture of my brother with a round block in his mouth. Next is my nephew at the same age doing the same thing. And of course my little boy decided to join in the action with a brissle block top hat.

Big TIm's Silly 1979001a timmya Titus 134a

Next, I am convinced I am doomed to have children with gigantic feet. Now keep in mind, my dad’s side has long feet, my mom’s side has wide feet and my hubby’s family has long feet and toes. So it shouldn’t surprise me that Titus was born with size two feet and is currently in a size 6 at 14 months old. And I should’ve known better then to think that newborn socks would fit Jairus. Currently in length size 3-6 socks fit him, compared to his brother I am not quite sure what I am going to do in a handful of months when his monsterous feet actually start growing. Look for yourself. I am sorry a newborn should not have the feet of a 6 month old. But I guess God has a plan for big feet on infants. What it is I don’t know but hey who are we to question?

Titus-n-Jairus 015a (Titus top, Jairus bottom)

Have a randomly fun God filled weekend!!!


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