Christmas Celebrations…

  Well, this year Jairus got to play baby Jesus in the live Nativity… Last year his big brother had the honor…It seems that it may become a tradition….But Lord willing we would like to not have a newborn at Christmas next year….It would be a nice break to just enjoy the stage our boys are at….But I guess we’ll see what the Lord has in mind…

Christmas 2007 005a Christmas 2007 009a Christmas 2007 011a

We were truly enjyoing Titus this Christmas…It was fun to watch him enjoy helping others open gifts and watch him opening his own…I still don’t think he understands completely but maybe until next year he can show Jairus the fun of Christmas and we can show them both the true meaning of Christmas….

Christmas 2007 021a Christmas 2007 048aChristmas 2007 063a

And of course I can’t go without posting pictures of Jairus’ first Christmas….and the many people who held him…

Christmas 2007 038a Christmas 2007 001b Christmas 2007 027b Christmas 2007 031b Christmas 2007 033b Christmas 2007 035b Christmas 2007 062b Christmas 2007 075b

Well, these are the most interesting Christmas pictures I have…It is very hard to take pictures and watch after two children…well, I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and that the reason for Christmas wasn’t lost in all the commercialism satan throw’s at us….

Christmas 2007 045a

Have an awesome rest of the week and a blessed start to the new year….


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