A Godly Example

Well, today my husband’s grandparents celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary…

Yes you read that right….70 years married to the same person….What an inspiration….God truly is amazing!!!

My mother-in-law Godisdoingsomething and I (with the contributions of 5 children, 25 grandchildren??, and 51 great-grand children) put together a scrapbook for them of their family. This is grandma opening it and looking through it…

GnG Fahnestock 70 ann

While grandma was doing this grandpa was having fun with Titus…It was so precious…Pictures are truly worth a thousand words in moments like these….

GnG Fahnestock 70 ann GnG Fahnestock 70 ann GnG Fahnestock 70 ann

And grandma was enjoying watching Grandpa be a kid again…(well as much of a kid as a 94 year old can be )

GnG Fahnestock 70 ann

I feel blessed to know this wonderful couple and to be related to them. Not many children have grandparents let alone great grandparents, it is a joy to watch Titus enjoying his time when we go and visit. This couple has a lot of wisdom, strength, faith, and experience to share with those of us who are just getting started…

It is my prayer that maybe my hubby and I can reach such an incredible milestone of 70 years or 51 great grandchildren. Which ever one comes first I guess….


3 thoughts on “A Godly Example

  1. GorJessMommy says:

    random props!! i came across your site through the breastfeeding blog ring :] 70 years !! wow that is amazing :] i met a guy at bojangles the other day who had just celebrated his 63rd anniversary with his wife, i thought it was the sweetest thing because you just dont see that too often now-a-days, it really is insperational, i just celebrated my 2nd :] haha but anyways feel free to message me if you want to be added :]

  2. You captured some precious moments!  Blessings

  3. Thanks for the idea, but I doubt I’ll be typing out each message and I don’t have any software capable of voice typing. Maybe someday.

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