Fun Stuff

Well, Friday night my wonderful hubby surprised me with this beautiful flower. I was so excited…. so I thought I’s show it off…

Misc 013a Misc 014a

Next, our littlest boy is growing up… we used Bumbo with Titus to help him learn to sit and now it is working for Jairus…

Jairus 023a Jairus 019a

And last but not least this is our friends little girl, her and Jairus are 36 hours apart… Their 2 months old now…wow time flies…

Jairus 029a

Well, stay warm and have an awesome God blessed week….


4 thoughts on “Fun Stuff

  1. cerwindoris says:

    Beautiful flower and cute children.  :big-smile:

  2. RoseKay says:

    wow what cuties.  the flowers are georgeous!!!

  3. alwine93 says:

    Isn’t it great to have hubby’s that still surprise us with flowers??!!!!

  4. sonnetjoy says:

    How sweet and thoughtful of your husband! I only get flowers on Valentine’s Day, but the surprise is what kind of flowers he’ll give me – it’s different every year. The world is too varied to only ever get red roses, he says to me.
    The babies have beautiful smiles.  I scrolled down a bit and read around your older posts – your family seems very happy and tumbly. It’s always great to see men who know how to play with kids, and congratulations to the grandfolks on 70 years of marriage!
    Please always feel welcome to visit my xanga.

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