It has been a little while since I have shared the wonderful blessings of our precious gifts with you… So here are a few pictures of Mr. Titus… It is amazing how fast he is growing and how much I am finding that I am enjoying this stage of life…

Here’s our little butler… He walks around pretty often like this and it is terribly cute

Titus Jan 026a Titus Jan 027a

Next is right after bathtime… wow, he is getting so big

Titus Feb

We are enjoying the self disciplining stage…here he got into a box of tissues and knew he was in trouble and busted out crying, we comforted him and he helped return the dry tissues to the box…

Titus Feb

This is Mr. Jairus…Time is flying, he is now 2 and half months old…. and changing all the time.

This is our little man starting to hold his head up :-0

Jairus 039a

And this is our little “gangsta” for all my family from Philly And Danigirl_416 could you show this to “Dad” and ask him what this does for his future IQ? (for those of you wondering we put this hat on him correctly after his bath, he fell asleep with it correct and woke up like this…we had no part in this finished product)

Jairus 050a

And lastly, we went to spend some time with Grandma the evening after the funeral…it was a wonderful blessing for us to just sit and enjoy her and we felt it was a blessing for her…she truly seemed to enjoy the children (as you can see)…she even got Jairus to sleep without a fight…we feel blessed that we can still make memories with Grandma…

Titus Feb Titus Feb Jairus 034a Jairus 035a

God is so good to grant us the gift of memory…even if it fails us at times, the time it works are worth many smiles, laughs, tears, and awe…This is one gift from God I don’t think I will ever take for granted… Ponder that this week…we rely on memories for more then we think….I am so very grateful for a loving Father who knows exactly what we need


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  1. Blondie1485 says:

    what a cute!!!!:dancingcow:

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