Time To Catch Up

 Okay…I think that we are on the mend after, bronchliotis, pnemonia, a common cold, a minor flu bug, two very sore throats, a random stomach bug and a sinus infection…sigh… I am ready for spring to come and cold season to end.

Well since I haven’t updated since Valentine’s we are going to do  just that. Starting with Jairus.

I was so excited when our “round-a-round” came out of the attic the other week…This is the greatest invention, he totally love the new prespective on the world and is getting his neck stronger in the process. And yes he played that hard he fell asleep on night.

Jairus 055a Jairus 060a

Here’s his 3 month picture

Jairus 065a

Next is Titus, poor kid is finally feeling better, does anyone know how hard it is to give a 17 month old a nebulizer treatment that lasts 20 minutes? Some nights it went well (see below) cause he fell asleep in the process

Titus Feb

He’s also picked up some interesting habits when his bowl is empty after eating he’ll tilt it to his mouth and lick it out…*sigh*

Titus Feb

Then there was Valentine’s Day, hubby and I went to an awesome chinese buffet, but before then he took me to the flower shop to pick out a flower. Here it is… A Cineraria…if anyone knows anything about caring for this I’d be much abliged…

Feb Feb

Next, we were on the February activity committee for our Sunday School Class. We decided on a mismatched mystery supper… The menu they had to choose from included a motor, moosetracks, marbles, mush, mutton, and maggots with the untensils being a matchstick, mallet, or mixer…The real food was beef burgundy, peas and carrots, chicken corn soup, fruit salad, potato salad, and eclair desert. It was alot of fun watching people try to eat peas with a knife or soup with a fork…. All the plates, napkins, and cups were of various holidays, birthday, graduation, christmas, easter, valentines day, thanksgiving, etc….Our sunday school class got into the dress up part by wearing mismatched socks and shoes, odd color arrangements, the men with camo pants and dress shirts, etc… Here are some pictures….

Feb Feb Feb Feb

Take note to the back drop in the last picture…Titus painted it just for this occasion, he had a blast getting cover from head to toe in poster paints….see for yourself…

Titus Feb Titus Feb Titus Feb Titus Feb

Well, I think that has you all caught up since Valentines Day…Hope you all have an awesome God adventure filled week…



4 thoughts on “Time To Catch Up

  1. tigergal01 says:

    love the pics!  never heard of your pretty flower, but you wouldn’t want my green thumb advice anyway…trust me!   glad you’re on the mend and were able to enjoy an evening w/ the couples…looks like fun!

  2. Life is never dull at your house!:wink-wink:  Love those boys! and Mamma and Daddy too!

  3. sonnetjoy says:

    I remember helping to throw a mismatched dinner very much like yours! We included chopsticks in the utensil mix. It was incredibly funny.
    Glad to hear folks at your place are on the mend!

  4. OMW!!! Lisa, it has been forever…umm Christmas…gee!  Anyway…wow those boys are HUGE!!!  And completely adorable! Oh my goodness…hehe they are sooo sweet!!  I can’t wait to see them again…  So, am i just behind or did titus just start having to have a nebulizer??  Cuz i didn’t know he had any problems like that at all…maybe i was just left out of the loop, but yea…hehe  Anyway, i hope you have an awesome weekend!!!

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