Family Time

Well, this weekend was kind of busy… Friday all day I was scrapbooking with my Sister in law and Mother in law…then on Saturday morning I headed over to the Hershey house for Donut Day…15 trays of filled, glazed, holes and apple fritters….sigh….Then sunday we left church a little early to head to Philly for my Grandma’s Birthday… She is 84… So hear are some pictures of her great grand children playing and some family members enjoying the newest member…

J J J J Titus March 010a Titus March 011a Titus March 015a

Take Time to enjoy the precious gifts God has given you this week….


3 thoughts on “Family Time

  1. CKM_1985 says:

    Hi Lisa, How r ya? Wow ….Jairus is getting so big!!!!!!! Thanks for the pics.

  2. camerawoman says:

    WELL, when do you want to go on a girl date?!?! You figure out a time, (I generally have off on a Friday or a Saturday) we can sleep over somewhere and do some crazy things the next day!! Sounds like fun to me!! Call me and maybe we can get something set up:dancingcow: (maybe even have dancing cows, sorry, random thought). Catch ya Later, Rachel

  3. Danigirl_416 says:

    :celebrate: sounds fun!! whatcha have in mind?!?!

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