For all of you who have wondered where we ever came up with such unique middle names for our two boys…Well here you go… In 2004 I took a short term missionary trip to Nigeria, Africa….There I (and four other Americans) worked along side 12 Nigerian missionaries on several building projects for EYN (Church of the Brethren in Nigeria).

T&J3-08 Here you see our Titus Mordecai and Jairus Musa

Nigeria Workcamp (70)a  This gentleman is Mordecai…He had a huge heart and was very in tune to God and Christ…He always had this wonderful smile on his face and his testimony was one to change your life…

Nigeria Workcamp (68) copya Roll 6 (18)a And this is Musa and his family…Musa was the housing manager and was very underappreciated ofr the work he did, but he never complained and had a willing servants heart…He too had this smile on his face continually and love his family lots…Since I have been home he has welcomed two more children into his family… Bisha was born in 2004 in Dec. and Lisa was born 12 days before Jairus…Yes you read that right… I was honored when i recieved the news that this wonderful friend in Chirst named his daughter after me. I was more in awe of God that our little Musa was born so close to his Lisa. God has an amazing way of affirming to us his will and love for us.

So there you have, what you might have thought of as strange middle names are actually very meaningful names for me.

Have an awesome God blessed week….


4 thoughts on “NAMES

  1. Blondie1485 says:

    wow that is a cool story~ your littles boys are sooooo cute…. maybe someday they can meet those wonderful friends of yours!!!!:grin:

  2. Danigirl_416 says:

    awww…that’s a cute picture of the boys!! :camera:

  3. RoseKay says:

    Names having meanings makes them worth a whole lot more.  I was named after one of mom’s friends.  I inherited my mom’s middle name.

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