Random Happenings

You all are probably tired of all my updates being about my boys….Sigh…I wish I could say there were other things for me to update about but not really. We are very blessed to not have anything serious or major going on. So with that said here are some boy pictures….

Jairus in now 4 months old and stealing our hearts in a new way every day…


He has started solids and has caught on quick. I love this stage…


Uncle Tristan absolutely loves this little guy, he is so good to our little boys…


This is all the “Hershey Grandchildren”

Left to Right; Titus holding Jairus, Cayden holding Kahumay, Uriah holding Lucas and David

March Misc

And last is our little “Houdini” hand…This is why swaddling is important, this little hand often finds it’s way out and wakes this little guy up, it even manages to escape from the tightest swaddle.


Well, that is it for now… Blessings on the rest of your week and may God send an awesome Revival your way….


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