The Great Guessing Game

 This is what you do when you have nothing better to do on a rainy day…

Below you will find several baby pictures, your job is to identify who they are…Some babies are in here twice…Have fun…

Here are the names to choose from: Me(Lisa), Lowell, Titus, Jairus, Kyla(my neice), Timmy (my nephew), Julianna(Lowells niece), Zachary(Lowell’s nephew), Isaiah(Lowell’s nephew), Aubrey(Titus’ cousin),Hadassah(Lowell’s neice)

1-family baby pica 2-10 days olda

3-baby pic4a 4-Family baby Pics

5-Family baby Pics 6-Family baby Pics

7-Baby pic3a 8-Baby pic

9-baby pic10-Titus 49a

11-Family baby Pics 12-Family baby Pics

13-Misc 118a 14- Titus 49aa

Post your answers and I will give you the correct answers next week sometime….

This all came about because both my dad and my husband have mistaken other family baby pictures for Jairus so…I am curious to see how all my xanga and non-xanga friends do…For those of you who do not have a xanga name, leave a comment with your answers anyway, or message me…. This should be fun….



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