So Monday Night I found myself rushing off to find a fast babysitter (PTL for church friends who are neighbors) and then heading down to the Emergenycy Room….Sigh…Just when you think life is dull…BAM (literally)

See this is what happened. We pulled into our driveway from running errands and I got distracted and WHAM…AHHH….I found myself with my left index finger slammed in the car door…(not recommended). the door latched so we surely though it was broken so off to the ER we went for a 3 hour stay just for this silly injury.Well, we praise God the by His loving hand my finger was not broken just badly bruised. So they sent me home looking like this…Lisa Finger 001a And in the morning this is what it looked like after the bandage came off…My finger is still very sore, numb, bruised and slightly swollen…

Lisa Finger 005a Lisa Finger 004a

DEAR FRIENDS–I highly DONT recommend that you ever get a finger caught in a car door….

COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS…No matter how small….


2 thoughts on “Not RECOMMENDED

  1. Blondie1485 says:

    ouch~ that is not cool… i am sorry that happen but i am glad that it was not broken…. and i am sure that you got two little boys to kiss the pain away!!!!! anyways ~ hope you feel better soon!!!!

  2. RoseKay says:

    I’ve already done that- when I was much younger and the door was a kitchen door.  I lost the nail.

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