Babies and Bargins

So, I am an “aunt” again…The first Hershey cousin arrived Sunday morning at 11:00 wieghing in at 7 pounds 1 ounce. She is adorable, Molly Elizabeth….. She is also the first girl to arrive to this family!

Molly 001a Molly 002a

Titus thoroughly enjoyed a visit from Aunt Dani….Horsey Back rides and everything

Titus May 045a

This is Jairus’ 6 Month picture…Wow, he isn’t a baby anymore


And my greatest garage sale find of the weekend. Ball pit balls for 2 bucks put into a free swimming pool I got last year. Titus loved it. 

Titus May 046a



Do I ever post about anything else???

Okay here is my weekly boy post ……

Here is our little helper, helping mommy and helping daddy…

Makes you wonder what he’s gonna be whehn he grows up!?! (then again I still dont know what I want to be when I grow up )

Titus May 036a Titus May 031a

Next, I finally finished Titus’ birthday present we got him in August…Procrastination isn’t it great….

Before (we bought it very plain and unfinished) and After (some yarn, stain and time)

Titus 041a May Misc a

Next is Jairus and Beulah. You may remeber me posting a picture when these two were two months old. They are roughly 36 hours apart in age (with Beulah being older), here is their 6 month picture together…


Here are some pictures of the brothers enjoying each other…

May 005a May 009a


Charlene this is for…This is the awesome sleeper you got Jairus and why I love it so much..You have amazing taste, I might add.

J MVC-005Sa

Grandma Ebersole this is for you. Titus absolutely loves your cookies..

Titus May 034a

Blessings on the rest of your week and the weekend….

The Normal and Not so Normal

 Well, I guess we will start with the Not so Normal…

What happens when four girls in their twenties get together to celebrate a momentous occasion????

They get pampered and take tons of pictures

Girl Date 001a Girl Date 009a Girl Date 013a

Rachel (camerawoman) was our offical photographer. She should be posting some of her awesome, scarey, and otherwise fun picutres soon.

Girl Date 005a

Then some very happy, relaxed, spoiled and now pretty feet.

 Girl Date 011a Girl Date 018a

Thank You (cerwindoris) for the wonderful idea and place to go….

Next what is a “Rotic” date without FOOD….

Girl Date 019a Girl Date 022b Girl Date 031b Girl Date 032b Girl Date 033bGirl Date 039b

You may be able to dress us up but you can’t take us out…

Girl Date 035a Girl Date 038a

The four of us after an awesome girl date… Thanks Brittanie for giving us a reason to go out, Charlene (CKM_1985) for amazing laughs, and Rachel (camerawoman) for all the good pictures….

Girl Date 043a

NOW unto the Normal….

Titus learning to swing on his belly

Titus May 022a  

Titus in Grandpa Ebersole’s “Big” truck

Titus May 015

And Jairus growing up…. Drinking from a sippy cup on his own…


And learning to sit up by himself!!!


Wow…I think that is the most pictures I have ever posted….

May God bless you with super memories and wonderful thoughts to ponder this week.

This Weekend

So, this weekend we headed down to Philly to visit my alma-mater…Silly me I know go to the city so your kids can see farm animals, don’t I live in the country where farm animals are bountiful….well I do but these farm animals are super friendly and very tolerant of people…Plus, I get to see all my old school teachers…..

Country Fair Day 006a Country Fair Day 009a Country Fair Day 012a Country Fair Day 014a

Afterwards, Titus took great joy in playing with my dad’s size 13 work boots…He actually took a few steps in them before falling over….

Titus May 008a

And last but not least these super amazing dandilions have been popping up in our yard, God is so cool, I have never seen anything like it….Its like a bunch of flowers in one….Note the stem and the huge flower….

April misc


Lifes Blessings

Well, I have decided that since my oldest boy enjoys being such a helper that I would start to train him that helping mommy is fun and a neccesaty for sainity. With that said we ventured to have him help me clean up the area under his high chair, which gets all kind of grubbies from him eating. He seemed to enjoy this task even though the floor looked like a small pond after he was finished and the mop had to be brought out to soak up the massive amounts of water left behind from this very “helpful” little boy.

 Titus April 091a Titus April 087a Titus April 094a

Next is our littlest boy…I am so glad for the warmer weather to take him outside for a different perspective on life. Whether he stays awake or not is a different story. (note picture # 2 of him in my lap.) He is now five months old and growing bigger and funner every day..

  J J


Last but not least is these two precious gifts from God together. I was so glad to get them both smiling. April 006a

Have an awesome God filled weekend enjoying the many blessings He gives us….