Lifes Blessings

Well, I have decided that since my oldest boy enjoys being such a helper that I would start to train him that helping mommy is fun and a neccesaty for sainity. With that said we ventured to have him help me clean up the area under his high chair, which gets all kind of grubbies from him eating. He seemed to enjoy this task even though the floor looked like a small pond after he was finished and the mop had to be brought out to soak up the massive amounts of water left behind from this very “helpful” little boy.

 Titus April 091a Titus April 087a Titus April 094a

Next is our littlest boy…I am so glad for the warmer weather to take him outside for a different perspective on life. Whether he stays awake or not is a different story. (note picture # 2 of him in my lap.) He is now five months old and growing bigger and funner every day..

  J J


Last but not least is these two precious gifts from God together. I was so glad to get them both smiling. April 006a

Have an awesome God filled weekend enjoying the many blessings He gives us….


4 thoughts on “Lifes Blessings

  1. Blondie1485 says:

    what a big helper!!!! such cuties you have, looks like you are having fun being a mommy!!!:big-smile:

  2. Loved these pictures!!!!!!

  3. beckysherwin says:

    Cute pics! Is this what I have to look forward to? Looks like little boys are fun!:) Blessings to you!

  4. hey that’s great that you’re training Titus to help! good for you! i keep telling everett that he’s soon needs to do his own laundry since he goes thru it so fast but he’s just not motivated enough yet, LOL! those days will come soon enough i’m sure. i just read to enjoy your boys because soon they’ll be men!

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