This Weekend

So, this weekend we headed down to Philly to visit my alma-mater…Silly me I know go to the city so your kids can see farm animals, don’t I live in the country where farm animals are bountiful….well I do but these farm animals are super friendly and very tolerant of people…Plus, I get to see all my old school teachers…..

Country Fair Day 006a Country Fair Day 009a Country Fair Day 012a Country Fair Day 014a

Afterwards, Titus took great joy in playing with my dad’s size 13 work boots…He actually took a few steps in them before falling over….

Titus May 008a

And last but not least these super amazing dandilions have been popping up in our yard, God is so cool, I have never seen anything like it….Its like a bunch of flowers in one….Note the stem and the huge flower….

April misc



3 thoughts on “This Weekend

  1. Danigirl_416 says:

    hhhmmmm….perhaps…although it’s not much of a secret though…everyone knows I am crazy like that! haha :celebrate:

  2. RoseKay says:

    ur lil boys are just sooo cute.  u capture great pictures of them!!

  3. CKM_1985 says:

    Gr8 pictures!!!!!!! Your boys r getting so big! Thanks 4 the amazing time yesterday! I had a blast w/ you all! Cant wait to see all the pictures! luv ya, Charlene

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