Babies and Bargins

So, I am an “aunt” again…The first Hershey cousin arrived Sunday morning at 11:00 wieghing in at 7 pounds 1 ounce. She is adorable, Molly Elizabeth….. She is also the first girl to arrive to this family!

Molly 001a Molly 002a

Titus thoroughly enjoyed a visit from Aunt Dani….Horsey Back rides and everything

Titus May 045a

This is Jairus’ 6 Month picture…Wow, he isn’t a baby anymore


And my greatest garage sale find of the weekend. Ball pit balls for 2 bucks put into a free swimming pool I got last year. Titus loved it. 

Titus May 046a



One thought on “Babies and Bargins

  1. sonnetjoy says:

    Ball pit balls are so much fun – I can’t believe you found some at a garage sale!

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