…and he gave us half his farm…

At least that’s what it felt like.

See, this weekend we finally made time to visit Lowell’s house parents (from when he was in BVS in Maine)…

They hadn’t seen Jairus since well, since I guess I was about 6 months pregnant with him…WOW!!! And we hadn’t met their little girl yet, so….Away we went…

Here is precious Tirzah! After 3 boys she is an amazing addition to this family…

Tirzah 002a

Part of our visit was to pickup our Lima Bean starters and a kitten….

June Misc 012a Kitty 001a Kitty 004a

These two tasks were accomplished but we also left with two hanging baskets, three gerbera daisies and a lily….

June Misc 011a June Misc 014a June Misc 013a

We felt thoroughly blessed by their generosity but more then that a rekindled friendship and great fellowship with this amazing couple and now four children.

While we were down there I decided to let Titus experience mud, silly me, I let him do it in his nice white, linen pants. I just washed them and they are white again, YEAH!!!

Titus June 004a Titus June 009a

Now for the rest of the week, We have been kept very busy with our strawberry harvest and radishes…

June Misc 009a May Misc 1a

And we had an amazing visit from about 6 geese families earlier in the week, Titus just loved watching them from the window.

June Misc 003a

And finally my curious little toddler got into a quite hysterical perdicament this morning. He decided that it would be great fun to crawl through our swinging trash can lid (we don’t use it because it doesn’t fit on our trash can where we store it). Anyway, I heard this distressing “stuck, stuck” and I couldn’t help but laugh and get my camera and then rescue him….

Titus June 015a Titus June 014a

I don’t think he will be trying this again anytime soon…

Well, have an amazing week, being blessed by God. In the big things, little things, and normal things…


5 thoughts on “…and he gave us half his farm…

  1. sonnetjoy says:

    Your harvests look wonderful! I haven’t gotten into berrying yet, but not because it hasn’t crossed my mind . . .

  2. tigergal01 says:

    wow…you can tell where tirzah belongs!!!   love the sharp photos and yum…you’re enjoying strawberries, too!  makes me miss their greenhouse!  that’s so special that you’ll think of them every time you see your beautiful flowers, i’m sure!  oh, and the kitten…..

  3. CKM_1985 says:

    Awe the poor boy!!!!!!! How could you just let him stuck in there …?

  4. It’s about time a got caught up with your site!  Love all your pictures!  Cute ones of Titus “stuck”.  I will need that one for his scrapbook!

  5. cwjphotos says:

    Just looking at and enjoying the pictures. That one with the trash can lid quacks me up. LOL

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