The First of Many busy Weeks…DONE

  WOW—I forgot that a huge part of summer around here is being busy…It’s not one thing, it’s a bunch of little things all added up to one very busy week after another in the summer…Sigh… So with that said we just finished our first of many to come…

Lets see… Monday was spent trying to cool down and finishing planting in our garden… The extreme heat warrented us getting out the boys pools and letting them cool off after sweating all day….

Titus June 018a J J

Tuesday… Lowell and I went out for our anniversary…Wow, Three Years has flown fast…And I still love him as much as God can allow me too…I don’t have pictures, but I should fill you in this is the second anniversary that or plans have gotten drowned out (quite literally)…Serious, thunderstorms, poweroutages, hail, wind….sigh…maybe one of these years we can do something fun outdoors for our anniversary…


Wednesday, a friend invited me to Oregon Dairy’s Family Farm Days, she wanted to go but said it was way better if children come, so I packed the boys up (and left hubby home to mow the lawn) and we enjoyed the fun…

Titus June 023aTitus June 029a Titus June 033a Titus June 036a Titus June 048a Titus June 053a Titus June 057a

And for those of you who have heard me say that Titus will eat anything, but his favorites are fruits and veggies, here is a picture of him enjoying ASPARAGUS, (yes, asparagus).

Titus June 060a

Thursday, was very full as well, In the morning we headed to tthe mall to get our father’s day present. A picture of the three of us together… SIGH…we did walk away with two good pictures for hubby but not without a battle….for some reason Titus has it in his head that professional pictures are bad… needless to say our poor photographer had a lesson in patience… he did very good…Then thursday night I headed out to Rothesville for the ROCK….

Then Friday my parents came up to help me set up for a yard sale on Saturday…Silly me no pictures…. Anyways, I had no clue how much work setting up and pricing things for a yard sale was…It went really well though, and we packed things up early on Saturday afternoon because it was way too hot….

Saturday night, a local church had a community day, with all kinds of fun stuff for kids and free food. So we all headed in and made it home before it rained….

Titus June 063aTitus June 073a

This was a little ballon turtle for Titus to wear on his wrist, there was a lady doing hats, but this was perfect for a little tike like Titus, even Jairus liked playing with it.

Titus June 083a J

Well, That is it for this past week, this week is  little more relaxing with just two families coming for dinner and one other evening event.

Lord’s blessing to each, and enjoy the many little blessings in your life, even if you feel like you need to hunt for them


4 thoughts on “The First of Many busy Weeks…DONE

  1. Blondie1485 says:

    wow you are sooo busy~your little boys look like they have fun all the time!!!! love the pictures~:camera:

  2. HSmomto4 says:

    First let me say your wedding photo is GEORGOUS!!!  And now that that has been said, Happy belated anniversary!  I just love how you fill your blog with photos, and your boys are just so cute!  Having all girls right now, I get a kick out of seeing your boys play in the mud and work with cars LOL  It looks like you are having a very busy summer so far.  Living where I do, there isn’t a lot you can do except swim in the summer so this is a slower time of year for us.  I like the kitty!  I have 3 cats myself and they like to roost on my head at night. 😀 They are such fun! I really hope you enjoy yours.

  3. Yes those three years have flown by!  You have blessed our family!  And those boys–Wow!  Love, Mom

  4. tigergal01 says:

    wow…i’m tired, too!   looks like lots of fun memories for those little fellows though!

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