Seven months has flown by….

Our little guy seems to be growing by leaps and bounds.

He loves to clack his tongue ( kissy noise), say gaga, bounce, skoot around, and laugh.

Now if we could get his hair to catch up with the rest of him. My hubby’s comment was, “it would be a miracle if he got his first haircut by the time he was one!” We still love him peach fuzz and everything.


I thought these pictures looked really neat “toned down” but thats me.

I need to go make cherry jelly.

Blessings on your week as God fills it to overflowing…


3 thoughts on “WoW

  1. CKM_1985 says:

    Awe … he is precious!!!!!!!!! Wow he is getting really big fast! Thanks 4 the pics.

  2. mrs_ghiselli says:

    I didn’t have hair until I was almost two! Everyone asked my mom if I was a boy,at lest your is a boy. I am so glad Helen has a patch of long hair, even if it is thin, so I can put a bow in it.

  3. camerawoman says:

    Comments help me feel better. You could still visit me and those adorable boys could still make me smile:dancingcow:. Anyways I will still count you as a good friend!! (remember that girl date that we should make “dates”) I really like the way you toned down those pictures it is really neat. Have a WONDERFUL week, overflowing w/ God moments, Rachel

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