Another busy week

And the fun continues…

This week is busy, but with what…I feel like I am actually home this week, but I also feel totally overwhelmed and scatter brained…

Our week started out with a big loaming question, “what is wrong with Titus?” Did he have the chicken pox, fifth disease, poison, or what..See, friday afternoon he woke up with a fever, of course by then the doctor office was closed so we just gave him that amazing pink stuff called Tylenol and watched him closely, he seemed fine Saturday, so we dropped him off at  babysitters in the evening and went to BlaineandShelia’s wedding reception. Sunday was fairly unevently minus the fact that Titus now had this rash. It looked horrible in my eyes but no one seemed to notice so that was good. So we just watched his fever was gone and the rash didn’t seem to be bothering him so, we continued to wait and watch.  Monday, I headed over to my mother-in-laws to drop the boys off, so I could go out with my Secret Sister, and she said it looked like Fifth Disease. Hmm…So now what, there was a possibility my hubby brought it home from work so I had him look into it…Well, there were no “confirmed” cases at his work but we still suspect it…we headed home after I returned from a non-meeting (my secret sister completely forgot about our meeting, that’s okay though, we’ll catch up next time). In the evening after settling the kiddos down, I canned beets, got five pints!!! This is a new adventure for me and it went well!!! The rash was still visible Tuesday Morning so I called the doctor to see if he wanted to see him, it would be a waste of money cause you can’t do anything for fifth disease anyways. The doctor returned my call and was amazingly sweet and willing to hear my concerns, he informed me what I already knew that there was nothing to be done, that Titus was beyond contagious, but he did  say that he either had Fifth Disease or Roseolla, they are both similar but the rash is different on each. He also said, Jairus may or may not get or he could get it and never show any symptoms! *sigh* so that was an added stress this week. Anyways, so last night we weeded our garden, I picked green beans and carrots, and Lowell headed over to a friends house to work on getting our craft ready for Bible school next week.

Which brings me to now, I am feeling bogged down by Bible School, mean it’s only second graders, how much work do I actually need to put into a hour and a half time slot. I have the prizes for bible memory bought, bible memory typed and ready to copy, decorations in the works, work books ready to be filled out, questions kind of thought up, all that needs done is, setting up, cutting tin for the craft, printing pictures for the craft, coming up with something super fun to end the week with and getting through the week. Any of you tired from just reading this??? On top of that I head to Philly on Monday night after Bible School to go to an Orthopedic Apppointment on Tuesday morning to figure out what the next step for my knee is (more to follow on that at a later date) and then high-tail it back tuesday afternoon in time for bible school in the evening….

That still doesn’t get me through this week, where I am suppose to have Sherenne stop by this after, to talk (if you know this person you will realize this is a stressful task in and of itself). Tonight is church, Tomorrow night I have a double baby shower for Andi and Laura held by our sunday school class (yes I am skipping the Rock for this). Then Friday my family is coming up to celebrate my brother’s 30th birthday and just catch up, we were going to take all the kids to see fireworks in the evening but my brother has to work saturday so they are heading home in the afternoon. Saturday, my parents will still be up and are going to go get Titus’ birthday present. Hopefully, we can get some bible school stuff done too. Sunday, well, church and naps, and then off to go set up for bible school.

Well, I think that is a long enough rambling post, maybe I will have some pictures next week of our bible school class…  Speaking of which I think I need to head back to preparing for VBS…Or maybe I should take a nap…hmmm…decisions, decisions…at least the boys can sleep….  J

Until next week sometime… “BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD”


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