Fun Packed~Busy Weekend

 Friday, my family came up to spend sometime together…It was great to see my brother and his family. I think the last we saw them was Easter… So here are a few pictures from Friday…

July Misc July Misc July Misc July Misc

Friday night we were going to take my parents to see real fireworks but they were cancelled so, we introduced Titus to Sparklers…

July Misc July Misc

Then Lowell set off his canon..He was thrilled to do this, it has been three years since he has used it so, he was tickled to make a whole bunch of noise and to show it off

July Misc


July Misc July Misc


July Misc

Then…Saturday Lowell stayed home while my parents and I went shopping, he got the mowing down with a little help…


Then the boys played in the sandbox until it was time to take baths and get ready to go see the cancelled fireworks…

Titus July 009a Titus July 016a Titus July 024a

Then unto the fireworks in Litiz Titus was awesome. He loved them. He would go “bang” or “boom” with almost everyone. He was so mesmorized by it that he couldn’t eat his goldfish and watch at the same time. On the other hand dear Jairus slept through all that noise…WOW!!!


Titus July 031a


Titus July 033a Titus July 036a Titus July 040a  

Then last night we were with Lowell’s family to plan for our upcoming vacation and to just get together.

Titus July 044a J J

And now this morning…While getting things ready for our bible school “service projects”. Titus took to working with all my scraps I was cutting off. “It is always art in the artist mind”


Titus July 051a Titus July 054a


Titus July 056a

Well, that is it for my busy weekend, now back to preparing for my busy week…I just needed to take this little break to rest my brain

Before I leave here is a hug from God I recieved last night….3 baby swallows, huddled on our wash line, waiting for momma to teach them to fly after the bugs

July Misc

Look for Your God Hug this week


2 thoughts on “Fun Packed~Busy Weekend

  1. tigergal01 says:

    looks like you had a fun weekend and got lots of quality time in, too, with your families!   so what is the service project…since i’m not in your class. :big-smile:  thanks for the reminder of looking for God hugs…the continuous rain was like that for me!!!!  what a blessing!

  2. HSmomto4 says:

    Reading your post are always so refeshing!  Thanks again for bringing a smile to my face tonight…I needed it!  You were my “God hug” tonight.  And the words “Be still and know that I am God” was just what I needed to hear!  Thank you my sister in Christ!

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