Bible School 2008

Yeah~ It is finally over… I know that may sound like I have a bad attitude but I am grateful for another busy week done and over with! Bible School went great, I think this was the first year things really seemed to fall into place, the bible memory went great, the craft (meticulous and wonderful) and the service projects (fun)….

Follow along as I give you a brief overveiw of last week…

Here is how we choose to decorate our room…

July Misc July Misc

My fellow teachers, sitting and enjoying the melodious sound of hammers banging

Micah is a huge help with the craft and room set up, and my dear hubby is the greatest story teller. The children absolutely love him

July Misc July Misc

Through out the week we had the children do service projects to put some practicality behind what the lesson was. One night they did these amazing suncatchers to give to a friend who they thought needed some cheering up. (Some ended up going to family members but I think they got the point)….

July Misc July Misc July Misc

Another night we had them draw pictures for my hubby to hand out at the nursing home, to show them a very practical way to serve their neighbors…As he handed the pictures the children drew out he took a photo of the resident and the child’s picture, I then printed these photos out and gave them to the children with the residents name on it so they could see how much their drawings meant to the residents…The children weren’t too thrilled when we handed them these photos but when they showed their parents these photos their faces lit up and they were honored

July Misc July Misc

Our craft for the week is a paper and pencil holder. Some years we have struggled to finish by Friday and others we are finished by Wednesday. This year the children were very detail orriented and took their time making the projects look great. Here are some photos… Start to Finish!!!

July Misc July Misc July Misc July Misc July Misc July Misc

Friday Night was time to let them outside and have some fun whil their projects got put together

We had a huge memory game with pictures that matched and a question that needed answered

July Misc

Then before we packed up, we had a type of candy scramble for the children before we went in to have snack and say goodbye to bible school for another year…

July Misc

Our thought is it goes far better with fewer students…This year we had 10 students, last year was 24…And that is just our class of second graders the other class has the same number …Next year we have been told to plan for twenty some again….sigh…. but thats next year…

Well, that is yet another busy week checked off this chickies list…And unto another one…Tonight we are heading over to my mother-in-laws to say Hi to my husbands brother and family…And then spend the next two days packing for the mountains for four days….We are excited Les and Family are home and are looking forward to catching up with them over the next week or two….

Blessings as you enjoy your family and the many gifts God gives us daily….



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