It’s A Boys Life!!!!

So this is what has been happening around our house this week…

They are in the process of adding colverts, drain pipes, etc. getting the road ready to widen and move it to make the intersection not quite so percarious….

Oh to be a young child again…. Titus was aboslutely in his glory yesterday sitting and watching the “tracko”. I laid the blanket on the ground and he promptly plopped himself down and started kicking his feet like he was deep in thought…. It was absolutely precious… Even more amazing, he stayed like this for roughly a half hour….

Titus July 062a

 Titus July 065a

Later in the day after the “baby” woke up we headed back out to check on the progress. I was absolutely astounded at Jairus’ intense amazement of all this activity… I love the look on his face in this picture… 

 Titus July 068a

Take time to remember what it was like to be a child and how amazing and new every thing was!!!

Look at God through a child’s eyes this weekend and rediscover HIM!!!


2 thoughts on “It’s A Boys Life!!!!

  1. cwjphotos says:

    What an exciting thing for boys. We will be having men coming by into our north pasture getting ready for a geothermal heat pump installed. So? Will they slap a giant green label on my house, so Al Gore will leave us alone? It’ll be pricey enough. OK, off the subject there. I am hoping they will come before school is in full force, or I’ll get nothing out of the scholars. :hammer: Such a violent little graphic, but I might need to do this if the timing isn’t right. LOL

  2. very cute, i wonder if its a boy thing or if a girl would’ve been just as intrested? everett already seems interested by trucks. . . :frog:

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