Another Busy Week~FINISHED!!!

Well, alot of people have been asking me what all we have been doing with Les’ while they are up…And my typical answer is I can’t remember…This past week was way Kaotic…But the kaos pales in comparison to the memories and blessings of the time spent together

Lets see if I can sum up our busy-ness with a few of the pictures from our many adventures…

So where do I start….
We arrived home Monday evening from Wellsboro along with Sam’s….The rest of the Family came home on Tuesday….

Wednesday Night we all went over to White Oak COB to see Les’ presentation of their time in Mongolia and the future plans… (sorry no pictures)….

Thursday, we packed up and headed to Hershey Chocolate World for their tour…The kids seemed to really enjoy it!!! Plus, you can’t beat free

IMG_3151Ebersole Vacation 2008 291a

That really didn’t take much time at all so we then headed to Indian Echo Caverns….It was neat…I had never been there before so I was just amazed at God’s Handiwork…My boys weren’t quite old enough to enjoy it but the other children seemed to like it

Waiting to go on the tour!

Ebersole Vacation 2008 300a Ebersole Vacation 2008 306a


Ebersole Vacation 2008 309a Ebersole Vacation 2008 311a Ebersole Vacation 2008 315a Ebersole Vacation 2008 321a Ebersole Vacation 2008 323a

I was quite grateful to have willing helpers, in Lowell’s mom and dad! I would not have made it through with two little boys without them…Titus buddied up with Nevin most of the time and Theda took Jairus and put him to sleep for me

That night we rushed on home so Les’ could do a presentation at Strickler’s mennonite church, and so Lowell and I could head off to THE ROCK!!! (The Rock is a youth outreach in Rothsville)…This year they decided to do something special, and hold a carnival for the children, each staff member had to come up with a game. The kids went around and played 12 games to get a stuffed animal and a t-shirt…They were given tickets for food and there was door prizes afterwards…They expected 50-60 kids and estimated amount actually there was 80-90… YEAH!!! My game was the Candle Shoot….

The Rock 001a The Rock 003a The Rock 013a The Rock 018a The Rock 024a The Rock 029a

Then Friday the rest of the family headed out to Dutch Wonderland…I stayed home because my children are just to young to actually enjoy it…After they were done, everyone headed here, for some fun and Smores

Ebersole Vacation 2008 338a Ebersole Vacation 2008 344a Ebersole Vacation 2008 361a Ebersole Vacation 2008 365a Ebersole Vacation 2008 374a Ebersole Vacation 2008 383a

Then Saturday we were able to run some errands, give haircuts, baths and showers, then headout for a big family picture…After that was over we went to Darrel and Rose’s for dinner and a homemade slip and slide…

Ebersole Vacation 2008 387a Ebersole Vacation 2008 403a Ebersole Vacation 2008 416a Ebersole Vacation 2008 421a Ebersole Vacation 2008 426a Ebersole Vacation 2008 440a

Sunday, after church we all headed up to Lebanon, for the big Ebersole Reunion….

Ebersole Vacation 2008 443a Ebersole Vacation 2008 451a

After lunch, we headed out for some much needed afternoon naps…In the evening we headed over to Nevin’s for a taste of Mongolia! Les and Tonia showed us how to make HOSHERS (probably not spelled right, but thats how it sounds…) and then we got to enjoy eating them…MMMmmm…..

Ebersole Vacation 2008 457a Ebersole Vacation 2008 460a Ebersole Vacation 2008 466a Ebersole Vacation 2008 468a

Well, that is it for what I think was the busiest week of the year …Tonight is our last night with Les’ before they leave to go back to SC….They will be in the states until 8/20 then back to Mongolia for approx. 3 more years…Wow…2 weeks barely seems like enough to catch up and to hold us over for 3 years, but we are grateful for a loving God to allow us even this little amount of time together. We praise Him for the calling given to Les’ and ask His guiding hand to be upon them as they continue to serve Him in an amazing way… It will be sad to see them go…But we are also grateful for technology and this amazing place called xanga to keep us in touch…

May God Bless You Super Special This Week….Pray for the many missionaries and their families out serving God….


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