A Quiet Sort of Busy

Wow, You all are probably wondering what happened to me… My internet was disconnected Monday due to the fac the computer had to be moved for The Brethren to be able to record some songs Monday night…So I am now back online and updating on the past week and a half….

Since I mentioned The Brethren getting together, I will start there…You might remember last September I posted about them getting together for the first time since we got married…Well, they got together again on Monday night to sing before one member heads off to school next week. There was still only seven of the eight present. Jason is back in Nicaragua and Mark is now home from Fair Play Boys Camp in SC…

Here are some pictures from my perspective…Four of us wives and our eight children stayed outside, while they recorded

 August Misc August Misc August Misc August Misc

Jairus and Beulah are now almost 9 months old

August Misc

What next… ‘Tis the season for harvesting…We have been busy working in our garden, plus having a corn day at the Hershey’s and a Green Bean Day at the Ebersole’s…

CORN DAY!!! I brought home 20 quarts….I thinks over 50 quarts were frozen, not to mention the cobs kept for fresh eating and the ones given away….

August Misc August Misc August Misc

We were blessed with CUCUMBERS from our neighbors, so I found a recipe online to freeze them…This is what they looked like before I put them in containers in the freezer…I got five, three cup containers full…

July Misc July Misc

CARROTS…I love raising carrots and having them in the winter….To bad so many carrots doesn’t equal alot of packages…

 July MiscJuly Misc July Misc July Misc

ONIONS…they are currently drying on my bay window sill….

  July Misc

LIMA BEANS and PEPPERS….Not quite ready for harvest…..

July Misc July Misc July Misc

GREEN BEAN DAY… we did three bushels for 4 families…each bushel yeilded 20 quarts….

August Misc

Phesww….After all that work we have managed to have some fun family times….

J July 004a July 003a

And last but not least….An amazing praise to God…The day after Les’ family headed back to SC…My father-in-law, came over to bless us by mozing our lawn with his little tractor…. He had it on his pickup and had to wooden ramps to back it off the truck…They were in place and he started to process of backing it up, when everything went wrong, the ramps bent and the tractor came crashing down with him still in the seat…He was able to hold onto the steering wheel until I could get to him so the tractor didn’t crush him….In the picture he is in the process of turning the tractor so he could get it back on four wheels instead of the two it currently was on….We praise God he was not seriously hurt….

 July Misc

Look for God’s blessings in the hardest situations, they are always there….


4 thoughts on “A Quiet Sort of Busy

  1. CKM_1985 says:

    Wow… looks like u’ve been quite busy w/ everything going on!!!!!!! Thanks 4 the pics!

  2. tigergal01 says:

    fun pictures…busy times!   i thought i heard singing the other evening.   heard about the mower episode from theda….so thankful for safety!!!!

  3. davenleah says:

    Hmm, I’d have to say that you just might be busier than me!!  Way to go with all the fresh veggies plus keeping up with 2 little active boys. 🙂

  4. camerawoman says:

    Yeah for busy summer months!!! I love that picture of Titus eating his corn-on-the-cob!!! Hope you are having a SPLENDID week, Rachel

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