Where’d the road go?

I had posted a little bit about this before…When I showed thepictured of Titus enjoying watching the tracko dig and put in the new colvert across the creek from our property… August Misc

Well this is what we found when we went for a walk last night…..

  August Misc

If you look close you can see our little white car just beyond the left hand side of the cab of the dozer…

August Misc

August Misc August Misc August Misc August Misc

Titus had to inspect each piece of equipment we walked past….

August Misc August Misc August Misc August Misc

Jairus looks very thrilled by the whole thing…

August Misc

Titus also thought that this was some sort of play ground…

August Misc August Misc August Misc

Even the local bunny has to check out whats been happening….

August Misc

Okay…I guess that’s enough…We are enjoying watching the equipment work, but are also growing weary of it at the same time…The project is suppose to be done by August 25 (THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL)…So at least there is an end in sight…Until then I guess I can dry my whites inside…*sigh*…

Oh…here’s my favorite picture of the week…For the next three tuesdays (well two now that yesterday has come and gone) I am heading to Philly to visit my Orthopedic Surgeon to get shots that will prayfully help me avoid surgery and have more comfortable pregnancies !?! More about that on a later date… Any way… So while I am down there I get to catch up with family…Yesterday Titus joined me in my visiting….

Titus August 004a

We are very blessed that the boys have three Great Grandmother’s living….Ranging in ages 84 to 92….WOW!!!

I didn’t even grow up with my grandfather’s let alone any Great’s!!! I am enjoying that they can enjoy each other…Its a blessing for them and a blessing for me

Marvel at the many ways God cares for us….It will blow your mind!!!


5 thoughts on “Where’d the road go?

  1. tigergal01 says:

    your boys are such normal boys….interested in all the big equipment and dirt, too, of course!   my boy still has it in him, too, and i’m sure he’d love to be living in your backyard about now…guess he’d have trouble leaving for work though!

  2. CKM_1985 says:

    Looks like Titus was having fun! Have a blessed day!

  3. cwjphotos says:

    All that equipment makes for an exciting time. the boring guys are to be here this week, but the week’s almost over. They bore holes and I am sure it will be as dull adventure. :not-talking: Pun intended. Then the geothermal men will come after that to install the unit. They will take away our AC for a couple days. Waah. :whew:Very nice pictures. I did enjoy them,God bless,Kim

  4. Blondie1485 says:

    i am ready for that road to be fix…:rollingeyes: i miss it to much…..:so-sad:

  5. GodsDucks says:

    @tigergal01 – I think it would be more like he’d have trouble leaving work vs. leaving for work

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