Exactly 5 Years Ago…

God Has A Plan (continued)

            As Tim got his bike starter and began down the same road our friends just went down, things quickly left our hands and went to God’s. I started to lean in preparation for the bend in the road we were approaching, only to realize I shouldn’t be leaning. After correcting my mistake, the bike began swaying back and forth. Tim wasn’t doing it this time; this was serious. The bike kept swerving and Tim tried his hardest to regain control as the guardrail grew closer and closer, towards the inevitable.

            I don’t remember the impact and neither does Tim. He remembers rolling down a hill and I remember the back kicking out and sliding, ending with a bunch of dirt in my helmet. After I was done sliding, I undid my helmet but still had my head resting in it partially to keep it off the ground. Tim called out asking if I was okay, “Yes, Tim I’m fine. How are you?” His response was the same “Lisa, do you want to pray?” he asked, “No, you pray!” being stubborn in my response. After going back and forth a few times we stopped and both started praying at the same time.

            “Dear Jesus, thank you for keeping us safe and alive. I just pray that you continue to be with us until help arrives, let our friends turn around and come back. Keep them safe and let them not be afraid. Keep us safe and strong and be with those who will help us. Jesus, this is you not us, I trust in you to see us through, just please help. Amen.”

            As I opened my eyes after praying, verses kept running through my head, it’s amazing how things you can’t seem to remember in a normal state are stirred at a time of need. Tim’s prayer was very similar, as we both said amen together, two nurses (normal driving pedestrians) stopped to offer their assistance to us. After the one nurse got a blanket wrapped around my leg and used Tim’s belt to cut off my blood flow, I remember talking to Tim making sure he was okay. I saw my arm; you just know when it’s blood running down into your hand, there’s no feeling like it. I was laying on my left side, unable to unbend my right leg, feeling a dull pain in my calf muscle, and unable to move my right arm, watching the blood drip off my fingers onto my new yellow sweater.

            About this time our friends returned to us after realizing that we were no longer following them. “Dan, call Lowell and tell him we won’t be at his party anytime soon!” I pleaded when Dan came to check on the situation. Tim was lying at my feet; he was letting me know he only had a small gash on the side of his leg. “There’s a bug by my eye! Get it off, Get it off!” I exclaimed in a semi-panicked tone. “Your worried about a little bug more then you’re injuries? That’s kind of funny,” said the paramedic that was nice enough to flick it off my face. The nurse kept talking to me keeping my focus, that was until a paramedic asked her how bad the worst injury was. Her response, “Six by nine to the bone.” Down to the bone, that was the last thing I needed to hear. Talk about a detail to make a traumatized person frantic, that started me crying just knowing I had an injury that bad. To add insult to injury they had to cut my sweater off, “No, I just got it for my birthday from my parents!” I pleaded. “Sorry we have to cut it off,” apologized a concerned voice from a paramedic. “Sweetie, they have to cut the bush back so they can get you out of here,” explained the nurse as the blanket was placed over my face. The firefighter hacked away at the bush as two of them snickered saying, “I have thorns in my butt.” Hey, it brought a smile to my face. The stupid part after that was, a paramedic came and pushed down on my right knee. “Nope, it’s not going to move.” “I could have told you that!” exclaimed the nurse as she tried to relax me again. “Okay dear, their going to take your friend up first then they’ll come and take you up so you can go to the hospital, Okay?” explained the nurse as to what was happening next. As they strapped Tim onto the backboard the paramedics helping him kept stepping on my feet. It would have been fine, if it were under different circumstances.

            “Okay, they’re ready to put you on a backboard. Are you going to be okay?” the nurse continued. “Yes,” I quietly answered. As I was placed on the backboard and they made sure I was strapped down, as to not upset my leg or arm at the time, I felt completely relaxed and safe. “Okay on three….” Said one of the paramedics. “Dear keep looking at me, focus on my voice. I’m not going anywhere,” the nurse offered as I began to move. Once they lifted me over the guardrail, I asked Andi to have someone pick up the hot dog sticks for the party because I was suppose to. I don’t remember seeing my friends when they lifted me over the guardrail but I remember hearing their voices and seeing the lights from the trucks. It’s kid of hard to see your surrounding when your in a c-collar and on a back board.

It is almost exactly 5 years ago to the hour…That this all took place…It is so surreal to read back through these entries. To imagine life without this very unexpected mishap, well it can’t be done. If it wasn’t for this, Lowell may not have asked me to date him, and I would not have learned so many important things along the way. Praise God for 5 amazing years of trials, healing and joy. There are more entries to come if your curious to hear more about the story from my perspective….


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