Journal Entry from 2003

The Reality Begins

         After I was brought up from the brush and placed into an ambulance things seemed different. Tim wasn’t with me anymore, Dan wasn’t with me anymore, and the nurse wasn’t with me anymore. As they got ready to pull off, Dan stuck his head in and said, ” You’ll be okay, I’ll see you soon.” There is something almost depressing about an ambulance ride where there are sirens and lights going. The paramedics working on me really made me uncomfortable, considering they were both male. They had to cut my shirt to put monitors on me. The driver had to have hit every bump in the road; it was terrible. I remember protesting them putting an IV in me. They explained as we approached the hospital that Andi was riding up front. Could they have been any rougher as they took me out of they ambulance? Ugh, I remember the ceiling tiles and lights whizzin by as they rolled me to the ER. “Where’s Tim?” I kept asking. I had no idea or notion of how or where he was. That’s such an aweful feeling. It’s such an overwhelming feeling being in the ER. Doctors, Nurses, and people everywhere doing this,doing that. WOW! “What medicines are you on?” “When was your last tetnus shot?” “When and what did you eat last?” “Have you had any previous surgeries?” “Are you allergic to medicine?” Questions were coming at me left and right. And each one I answered easily three times. “Is my arm broken?” I asked frantically. “What about my ankle there’s nothing wrong with it is there?” (prior to this I had two reconstructive surgeries on my right ankle and was told if anything else happened to it, it would be fussed.) So much happened in such a short period of time (or so it felt.) By this time, my clothes had been cut off. A visit like this, modesty leaves your hands and everything becomes about your wounds and your safety. I was shifted and moved as they took tons of xrays. *sigh* “Hi, I am Tim’s cousin Holly,” said a cute little voice. She approached me and came into my veiw. It was so nice to see a smile and a face of sincerity. “How’s Tim?” I asked. “He’s okay and asking about you. We’ll take you over to see him after their done with the xrays.” “I have to blow my nose,” I whimpered. The poor nurse probably cam over, like three times to hold a tissue for me, due to a combination between my allergies and crying. The chaplain came and asked if I wanted any phone calls made and asked if I wanted Andi to come in. “Hey, how are you?” Andi’s voice was so welcome at this point. “Do you want me to tak your pins out?” “Please” The nurse took my c-collar off. How nice it was to move my head around again. “Oh, my word how many pins do you have in?” asked Andi.

         Holly came and let me know it was okay to see Tim. “Hey, this isn’t quite how I wanted you to see me!” joked Tim, as they put my bed next to his in the ER. “How are you doing?” he asked. “I’ve been better,” I said with a smile. “You need to brush your teeth!” informed Andi (she was a dental assistant). “I should be in your place,” explained Tim. “Tim, God doesn’t give us what He thinks we can’t handle. Obviously, you can’t handle this,” I responded. “At least you have a sense of humor, ” said Tim. By this time his parents were right next to me asking how I was and asking Tim if he wanted to keep his clothes, as his mom placed them in a bag. It was kind od funny; Tim still had his c-collar on. “I can give you my jacket,” “No!” “Are you sure? Seriously, you can have it. “Tim, I’ll be fine.” We both ended the conversation smiling. Tim’s parent’s were so nice. They just talked to me and expressed concern and best wishes. “Okay, we’re ready to take you to the OR,” saif a nurse.

          “Hi, I’m Dr. Neptune. I’ll be you anesthegiologist. Have you had anesthesia before?” “Yes.” “Okay, were there any complications or allergic reactions to it?” “No.” “One more question, when and what was the last thing you ate?” “Chicken fingers, cole slaw, and baked apples, right before the crash.” “Okay, that’s all I need.”

         The next thing I remember is waking up in the recovery room just in time to see the wheel Tim in from his surgery. “There’s your friend,” stated the nurse to my left. “Hey Tim, how are you?” “Good I guess” “Guess what, I can’t wait to meet the angels who caught us tonight!” “Not anytime soon I hope!” “No, I just can’t wait. They have to be pretty special, mean there was at least five of them.” “Yeah, they had to have been some brute of angels to help us that much.” (Tim has now informed me that the nurses who were in the room that night were extremely impressed with us. He explained they had never seen two people more happy, enthusiastic and full of life. It was a welcome surprise.) (It’s nice to know that at our worst, the truth shows through, and we can be good witnesses even when things go awry.)

NEXT ENTRY IS FILLING IN THE BLANKS… (things that I missed and people told me or facts that were later remembered.) Thanks for joining me on this trip down a surreal, memory lane….May God use this to bless you…



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