Filling in the Blanks…

Filling in the Blanks


            This brings me to now. I don’t remember much about my stay in the hospital, though people have helped me to start to fill in some of those days I can’t remember.  It’s probably one of the more frustrating things from the accident. There is something unsettling about missing and not remembering a span of time in your life. The following details are what I have been told about my hospital stay and the few details I remember.

            On Saturday right after the accident, I was taken to the OR to remove a piece of metal from my calf muscle and to put a rod in my leg. On Monday, they took me back in to clean things up, check things out, and do more stitches. Lowell was the first person to show up at the hospital on Sunday, well besides Glenn and Elaine but they wouldn’t let them in because they weren’t family . Mom says Lowell was there every night until I fell asleep. He stopped by on Wednesday and dropped off a card from Rosene, but didn’t stay long. I remember on night he had fed me fruit and another night he brought me a balloon that had a sunshine on it and read “Get Well”. My brother had come to visit me on Sunday (I think) and apparently that night was a very painful one. By the way, the entire time they had me on morphine, which is why I don’t remember most of it. On Wednesday they took me back to the OR just to check things out and to see how everything was doing. One of the days Marv and Sue Shank stopped by and gave me a book and prayed with me. Tim said he stopped by on Tuesday with his parents and dropped of a TY cow and a card. He said we were talking about the next time we would go for a ride and before they all left we prayed together. Mom and Dad were there the entire time and Steve visited everyday. Mom said on Tuesday I gave the doctor a huge “what for” about them not moving my left leg around to keep in strong. (Things we do when we’re drugged up.) Thursday they took me off the morphine and Friday they moved me to a normal room. One of the most prominent things that sticks out, is when I was in unbearable pain and no one was around, I would sing “All in All.” I remember the gross food and having a bunch of visitors but it’s still fuzzy. I was told that I was so concerned about having my hair down in front of Lowell and everyone else that after the first night the nurses started braiding my hair back. The other thing was being modest, before anyone came into the room Mom made sure I was okay and felt as modest as one could be in a hospital. Everything else kind of runs together and is a blur, if it wasn’t for Mom, Dad and Lowell I wouldn’t even be able to type these few details about my hospital stay.

            It turned into an 8 day hospital stay. (I guess it could have been longer.) I was brought home Sunday the 14 around 5:00 pm.  Mom and Dad stayed until Tuesday afternoon, which left the Hershey’s in charge of me and my needs. I remember thinking, “This is going to be a long recovery and it’s going to require a lot of patience.” Tim and Dan stopped by that Monday night to check in on me, and Tim dropped off another cow (this time a bungee one). They were funny, Dan was asking the same questions everyone else was, and Tim was telling me what he’s been doing since he left the hospital the Sunday after the accident. After sitting upstairs all day for a few days, Steve decided carrying me up and down the steps was a good move. I have to admit it did help a little. That Wednesday, Nate rollerbladed down from his house to visit me, I felt special. Thursday is when I started climbing the steps (with a spotter). This was after a tiring visit to the plastic surgeons. On Sunday, I was way too tired to wake up for church, so I stayed home and started to catch up on my devotions. When everyone got home I was ready to join them at the Copenhaver dinner at Grandma and Grandpa’s. Steve and I left early just because my leg was tired and the pending paranoia of all the little children running around me. That evening was the youth singing program at church. Though I couldn’t stand and sing with the youth group it was nice to slowly return back to church and to see all my friends, outside of them visiting me. Prior to the program I sat and talked to Cheryl (Shawn’s girlfriend). Our conversation was so wonderful. It was nice to finally talk with someone who has been through a traumatic accident and can sympathize with my feelings and everything surrounding it. She just offered such great insight and understanding; it was just what I needed. After the program we went to a house for a campfire. It was nice to go to a youth event again, even if I couldn’t do much.


To Be Continued….

(Thank you for dealing with my poor grammer and sentence structures but remember these entries were written shortly after the accident, so….)


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