Filling in the Blanks (Part 2)

At this point, I have now been home for a week and I feel like my energy level is about 50%. Monday, showed the energy exhaustion of the day prior. I slept in until 8 in the morning, woke up just enough to eat breakfast and take medicine then I fell back to sleep until noon. Its days like this that have been helpful. Slowly people are helping me fill in the many blanks I have in my mind. Kate informed me that when they arrived at the accident scene Tim was sitting up on his elbows talking and acting like nothing was wrong. While talking with Tim this evening he explained that he remembered the intial impact. He saw everything coming, felt us hit the guardrail and thought to himself “this isn’t going to be good.” The next thing he remembers is hitting the guardrail and rolling. He continued to explain that what he remembers after that he had checked to make sure he wasn’t paralyzed. Tim was almost positive in saying that I was suspended in the bush not underneath it like I thought. After he checked himself out, he had asked me if I was okay, and I replied that I was fine but my leg hurt. So what did Tim do? He touched my leg to see if I could feel it, and he confessed that he had never touched a bone before, after he realized that wasn’t good that he touched my leg and said it was wobbly like Jello. I asked Tim how come he didn’t tell me these things when I asked him originally and his response was that he didn’t think I could handle it at the time. Along with all this Tim also explained how impressed the nurses were with us in the recovery room. He explained that they had never seen two individuals so happy, full of life, and optimistic. This was great to hear, it enforces the fact that when our guard is down and we have little control the truth shines through. While talking with mom on the phone she had informed me that both Tim and Lowell were very impresses with the fact that I was so concerned about them seeing me with my hair down and my modesty. She told me that just knowing that I was concerned meant a lot to them.

            God’s grace and hand has been with Tim and I this whole time and today was no exception. We went back to the accident site today. The joke came about that Tim and I shouldn’t ever ride together again because we’re both accident prone. Anyway, it was a nice drive out. We did not retrace out steps from that night but we talked and Tim explained why we got off at Salunga and how they were planning to bring us home. When we arrived at the spot, I felt that same eerie calm that was with us that night until I was loaded in the ambulance. It was a feeling of security and certainty. As I stood leaning against the car, Tim looked at the guardrail and pointed out where he thought we first hit. He paced parallel to the guardrail and stopped when he reached the bush I landed in. The spot where I landed stuck out like a sore thumb. There was a huge indent and it was just so damaged. As for the crash site itself, it wasn’t what I was expecting. It was so weed covered and overgrown, no wonder Tim got poison head to toe. I was thinking that it was more of a grassy hill and the bottom was brush and stuff. Buried underneath the weeds is a pretty steep hill, which Tim kind of jogged down to point things out to me. Seeing the site made me more thankful for the way things happened instead of what could have happened. There is no way we could have survived without the grace of God. From the looks of everything, Tim and I would’ve had to been thrown parallel to the guardrail. At the most we were thrown50-60 feet not the original 30 yards we were told (we have since found it was documented 80 feet we were thrown). If God wasn’t watching out for us we could’ve very well landed on the guardrail or even gone out control prior to the guardrail which would have had us going out of control on black top. Praise the Lord for knowing what He has planned for each of us and for caring for us enough to show it to us through the good times and the bad.



This is the exit where we got off at.

Lisa-Accident 009a

Where Tim is, is where I landed.

The first section of the guardrail in this photo is where we hit.

 Lisa-Accident 007a

This is the bush I landed in! The damage done to it

is from the paramedics cutting me out.

 Lisa-Accident 010a


NEXT…One Month Later…


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