Final accident Entry


-That when things don’t make sense and nothing “adds up” God is doing something amazing.

-That our timing has nothing to do with God’s timing, the best we can do is remain in His will.

-That sometimes God needs to “drop a brick” to make you move in the direction He’s leading.

-That a “thorn in the flesh” isn’t the worst thing in the world.

-That a person’s heart is at it’s clearest when they are completely out of it.

-That you truly find out who your true friends are during a time like this.

-That God is far bigger than we can ever comprehend.

-That angels really do exsist to protect God’s children.

-That there are still good people out there, unafraid to help in a time of need.

-That without God, I have no clue how anyone can go through any kind of trial.

-That the human body is absolutely fascinating.

-That doctors are people too, and they still make mistakes (even after 12 plus years of college).

-That people look at you funny and think your off your rocker when the word “sue” is not an option.

-That life is very short.

-That we must be prepared to die at any given moment. Try your best not to leave unfinished business at the end of each day.

-I can now read x-rays pretty good.

-That occasional dislexia and memory problems are very frusrating.

Well, I am sure there is a ton more but I can’t think of them now…So…I will be getting back to my daily busy life  posts sometime next week.



3 thoughts on “Final accident Entry

  1. RoseKay says:

    you missed the best part of the accident story. . . the part where lowell finally admits his feelings for you.  I like what you said about “a thorn in the flesh”.

  2. camerawoman says:

    Thanks for sharing. It has been really interesting to me to read over your account of the accident. Sometimes the way we have to learn lessons can be painful. Hope you are having a SUPER AWESOME day, Rachel:dancingcow: 

  3. I found your story of your wreck interesting.  I’ve been in a few myself but never as serious as yours.  I’ve assisted at a few car wrecks as limited-duty firefighter.  I understand only in part because I also had unexpected brain bleeding (no trauma anywhere) and dealing with consquences.
    God do know what He is doing, huh?

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