Happy Birthday and Answers

WOW- Yesterday at 11:00pm we rejoiced in the birth of our firstborn, two years ago!!! Wow does time fly? He is now just shy of three feet tall, wearing a 7 1/2 shoe and talking up a storm. I love it…He has changed alot and is now growing into a little man. More birthday pictures to come, later….

Just Born


One Year Old

 The Brethren 047a

Two Years Old

 Titus Second Birthday 063a

Now for the answer part of the post… I was asked about the diaper cake and baby from my previous post. Lets start with the cake. I used disposable diapers but do think you can use cloth. For the middle of our second teir I used a bunch of onsies, so I don’t see why cloth diapers wouldn’t work…It may take a bunch though. Here are a few pictures of assembling, and then a few websites that helped me out.

Rose's  Baby Shower 001a Rose's  Baby Shower 004a Rose's  Baby Shower 008a Rose's  Baby Shower 010a




Next, my diaper baby, I regret not taking pictures of the “baby” in assembly process, but here is what I got…

I had a bunch of onsies, a two piece outfit, two sleepers, two blankets, some socks, some diapers and a hat left over from the cake so this is what I came up with so my SIL got all the items we purchased for her new baby.

Rose's  Baby Shower 018a Rose's  Baby Shower 020a Rose's  Baby Shower 021a Rose's  Baby Shower 023a

Have an awesome God-filled week…Has He hugged you today?


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